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  • Spanish inflation edges up in September

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    I'm hoping this apology will open up the Japanese secrecy over their treatment of (POWs) during World War II in 14 of their captured nations.

  • Full Text: National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2012-2015)

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    1. Amazon ( Offering everything from daily commodities to electronic gadgets. Accepts most Chinese credit cards. 2. Drugstore ( Ideal for maternal and baby products, including food, clothing and healthcare products.3. Beauty( Specializing in cosmetics and skincare products.4. iHerb ( Healthcare products for sale in Chinese language, with direct shipping to China.5. 6pm ( Giant retailer of shoes, clothes, fashion accessories and bags.

    Pensions are a sensitive political issue in Japan, a rapidly ageing society that is grappling with how to pay for its swelling population of retirees.

  • Snow chance for profitable ski season

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    Besides, he said, the world strongly upholds the spirit in which such convention was successfully composed only in eight sessions in the United Nations General Assembly.

    The country's economic expansion slowed to 9.1 percent from a year earlier in the third quarter, its weakest pace in more than two years as euro debt strains and a sluggish US economy took a toll.

  • 3 Shenzhou-9 astronauts arrive in HK on charm offensive visit

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    There are poor people in any country. You can't cut the defense budget simply because of the poor. A defense budget is indispensable for any country, regardless of their status, he said.

    Particularly since the 2006 opening of a railway to Tibet, visitors have flocked to these monasteries, putting unprecedented pressure on the already ramshackle structures.

  • China never accepts Japan's "control" of waters near Diaoyu Islands

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    He said a questioner has been sent to President Asif Ali Zardari as co-chairman of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party as he enjoys immunity as the President.

    The post-1980s kids caught a lot of media attention as it was the first generation to be born after China's family planning policy came into affect. It was also a crucial, transformational decade for China's economy and society.

  • Rahul Gandhi made Congress vice president, likely PM candidate for 2014 polls

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    4. Add chopped Chinese dates into boiled rice, stir, cover and let sit for 15 minutes before eating.

    During the election campaign, Hashimoto stressed his One Osaka proposal that both Osaka Prefecture and the city of Osaka need to be reorganized into a metropolitan government to cut dual administrative functions and costs, while promising a growth in the region's economy.

  • Palestinian FM: Iran did not invite Hamas to summit

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    The story blew up after the victim's aunt published the case online Friday. That Tao's parents are government officials makes the case even more controversial. The case has once again greatly triggered public debate over thevicious assaults from offspring of government officials.

    China currently has few separate regulations on space activities, which are unable to meet the rising demands of space development, according to Hu.

  • Argentina marks 30th anniversary of Malvinas War

    Petra Hilgers

    Gaddafi died shortly after he was captured alive a week ago in his hometown of Sirte in northern Libya, before his corpse was transferred to Misrata, some 200 km east of the capital of Tripoli, where it was put on public display for almost five days.

    Barcelona will first to face the 2002 league runners-up Leverkusen, who qualified from Group E behind Chelsea.

  • Macao gambling revenue rises to record $38b in 2012

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    The market is generally holding a gloomy view of the nation’s investment growth, as declining investment in the property sector is expected to continue, given the belief that there would be no significant loosening of the monetary policy released.

    It's really not a bad thing, says Xi Rui, who works at The Box, a Canadian bar that also serves food. McDonald's has so many branches in China now, particularly in Beijing. It's popular with the children and their restaurants are pretty clean and comfortable.

  • German debt sale sees strong demand
  • Whistle-blower refuses Chongqing police request to hand over sex scandal videos

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    How many proposals and motions were submitted last year? How many have been approved? Which of them are the public most concerned about? We care about the implementation process of these proposals and motions. Nowadays the public's sense of taking part in politics has strengthened.

    Forty years is but a short span of human history. Yet we have witnessed tremendous changes. Now, we are part of the tide of history, and, together with other members of the UN, we can make greater changes for the benefit of world peace and development. The author is a senior diplomat who was on the first Chinese delegation to UN after China resumed its membership.

  • Carrefour puts India market expansion plan on hold: report

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    China would have cut the reserve requirement ratio for banks eventually. The economy has slowed, inflation has eased and, most worryingly, capital outflows have accelerated.

    An activist of the animal rights group AnimaNaturalis lays down naked on a giant plate of food during a performance to denounce the consumption of meat in the center of Barcelona Thursday. Photo: AFP

  • Study abroad agencies see drop in clients

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    Manu, GermanyRestrictions on crowd volume would make it safer. I've been there a few times when it's been really crowded and I'm always thinking about what would happen if mass panic broke out. I've seen it happen on the news in other places. As for selling tickets online, it would be good for young people but you can't expect every older person to have a computer.

    Investors, however, were unconvinced the new model and pricing would do the trick, and Nokia shares were down 6.5 percent yesterday in Helsinki.

  • 30 of 121 cities miss house price target

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    Lieutenant General Tao Fanggui told the Singapore-based Zao Bao newspaper yesterday that much of the hardware in the PLA arsenal cannot match that of major Western powers, and China should continue to invest in advanced military equipment.

    At least 200 properties were swamped by Thursday's flash flooding on the coast, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reports.

  • About 250,000 flood-affected families in Cambodia receive relief goods so far: PM

    rural roads

    Married gay men have become a bridge for HIV to be transmitted to women, Zhang told the Global Times. Recent statistics show heterosexual sex is the leading cause HIV infection, with homosexual sex and intravenous drug use the second and third most common way of spreading the virus.

    Rango won the Animated Feature at the 84th Academy Awards ceremony held at Hollywood & Highland Center in downtown Los Angeles Sunday night.

  • Myanmar reforms national culture central committee

    said eyewitnesses

    For better or worse, the Chinese film industry is growing. More money is available here for film production and the US wants a piece. In recent years we have seen heavyweight actors such as Kevin Spacey, Christian Bale and Russell Crowe grace film sets here in the Middle Kingdom. At the same time, Chinese actors such as Li Bingbing, Jet Li and Jackie Chan have made names for themselves in Hollywood.

    Last week's news that Piper Jaffray had been approached by an unnamed Chinese buyer looks like a smart move by one or more of these Chinese banks with global investment banking aspirations.

  • Chinese visitors boost New Zealand tourism sector

    Wanbao Mining Ltd

    The culprit, Tao Rukun, and Zhou both studied at a high school in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province. Zhou's rejection of Tao apparently drove him to lash out in frustration, assaulting her in her home on September 17.

    We wanted to create a small jewel, Giannini said at a red-carpet ceremony next door in the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence's fortress-like town-hall where towering frescoes remind guests of Italy's Renaissance.

  • Experts say HK tax rates just, despite Web whiners
  • Building a better home market, one step at a time

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    Your interim government and a vibrant civil society are addressing the enormous challenge of making the principles of democracy and human rights into a reality, in a complex post- conflict environment, he said.

    Al-Moallem also said some regional and international parties are questioning the observer mission in Syria in order to find a cover to take the Syria crisis to the UN Security Council.

  • Custer's latest stand reveals sensitivity

    said the daily

    In the past, we have achieved remarkable progress through hard work. In the future, we must continue to work tirelessly to accomplish the important tasks on the road ahead. Let all of us rally closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary, free our minds, forge ahead in the spirit of innovation, make solid progress in our work, and strive to further advance socialist modernization.

    I would plead with (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad) that he should engage, not only with me but with the process we are launching, Annan said.

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This offers producing countries the opportunity to expand the scope of certification to cover more growers and increase production in consonance with the current and future demand, he explained.

易融融資租賃(Michelin and Apollo)有限公司

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has gone through a series of lengthy and painful reforms. China has also re-invented itself through its 30-year-old opening and reform policies, yet the two economies have sailed very different courses.

Pottery fair
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Intercity consumerism 換城消費 huàn chéng xiāo fèiA new form of consumerism involving one city’s dwellers traveling to another to buy items priced lower. This phenomenon exists between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

The company has reallocated natural gas pressure through the city's 14 regulating stations. Furthermore, citizens have been advised not to change their gas pressure regulating boxes by themselves, according to the report.

South Sudanese government will not allow stealing more of the south's oil by Sudanese authorities. As we were continuing in Addis Ababa negotiations, the Sudanese authorities shipped away 120,000 barrels of the south's oil and sold them for its benefit, which is the reason that we decided to stop pumping crude oil, she added.

公司動態Disease cover up

The contractor's spokesperson, who asked only to be identified by his surname, Zhang, added that the company has done nothing wrong, saying that the work was legitimately subcontracted to Shanghai Jiangong Engineering Company. Calls made to the subcontractor by the Global Times at the end of the day went unanswered Tuesday.

Over 20 fire tenders were pressed into service as local TV channels beamed footage of the raging flames and the dead bodies being carried away. The fire was brought into control after two to three hours.

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